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client Manual 0.5.1

silEnT client Manual

Updated for silEnT 0.5.1

Commands Autoexec Files General Changes


cg_drawTime [0|1|2]

Decides whether to draw the current local time beneath the FPS display. When set to 1, it will display 24 hour clock, when set to 2, it will display a 12 hour clock, with am/pm

cg_drawTimeSeconds [0|1]

When set to 1, will display the seconds as well on the time. Requires cg_drawTime set to either 1 or 2


The name of your current hud, which will be loaded upon startup

cg_panzerhack [0|1]

Put your SMG in weaponbank 2 (instead of bank 3) when you're a soldier with level 4 Heavy Weapons

Default: 1

cg_logConsole [bitmask]

Log centerprints and/or banners to your console

Log centerprints
Log banners

Default: 1

cg_gun_fovscale [0|1]

Scale the gun when you use different FOV

Default: 1

cg_weapaltReloads [0|1]

Hitting altfire (usually right mouse button) when holding a weapon that doesn't have an alternative fire will reload the weapon

Default: 0

cg_drawRanks [0|1|2]

When 1 the rank (for example "Private") will be shown in front of the name when you look at a player in your team. When 2 it will only show the short rank ("Pvt" for exmaple) and when 0 it won't show any rank.

Default: 1

cg_fireteamAlpha [0.0 - 1.0]

Determines the level of transparency of the fireteam window

Default: 0.6

cg_lagometerAlpha [0.0 - 1.0]

Determines the level of transparency of the lagometer

Default: 1.0

cg_chatAlpha [0.0 - 1.0]

Determines the level of transparency of the chat texts at the bottom of your screen

Default: 0.33

cg_watermarkAlpha [0.0 - 1.0]

Determines the level of transparency of the watermark, if the server has one. Note that the server might set a transparency themselves. In that case the watermark alpha will be the product of these transparency levels

Default: 1.0

cg_specAlpha [0.0 - 1.0]

Determines the level of transparency of the SPECTATOR text

Default: 1.0

cg_dynoCounter [0|1]

Displays a counter in your HUD that will countdown untill a dynamite on an objective explodes. This will not spam the chat/cpm


Default: 1

cg_maxTeamDynas [0-8]

The number of dynamites of your own team that will be displayed in the counter

Default: 4

cg_maxEnemyDynas [0-8]

The number of dynamites of your enemy that will be displayed in the counter

Default: 4

cg_drawClassIcons [bitmask]

Changes Classtexts into ClassIcons

In crosshair names
In fireteam
On scoreboard

Default: 7

cg_drawCrosshairHP [0|1]

Draw textual HP instead of the healthbar when aiming at someone

Default: 0

cg_autoSelectFTMembers [0|1]

Toggles automatic selection of your fireteam members

Default: 0

cg_tracers [0|1|2]

Enables/disables drawing the bullet tracers:

No tracers.
All tracers.
All but your own tracers.

Default: 1

cg_countryFlags [bitmask]

Show the GeoIP country flags

On scoreboard
In crosshair names

Default: 3

cg_gibs [0|1]

Toggles the display of gib models.

Default: 1

cg_followFT [0|1|2]

Decides how players are picked up to be followed in spec.

disables feature (works as usual then)
follow Fire Team members first when in spec
follow only Fire Team members when in spec.
Options 1 and 2 work only when the player is in the Fire Team.
When the player is not in FT then they do not infuence the spec behaviour.

Default: 0

cg_showCountDown [0|1|]

Show last 3 secs warmup countdown.

don't show countdown
show countdown

Default: 1

cg_wbShowDuration [0-5000] in msecs

Display time of weapon banks in miliseconds (0 = off)

don't show weapon banks
other values up to 5000
show weapon banks display

Default: 1000 (1 sec)

cg_wbOrientation [0|1]

Orientation of weapon banks display.


Default: 1 (vertical)

cg_wbWideSlots [0|1]

Should wide slots be used for wide weapon icons.

don't use wide slots, use the same size for all weapons
use wide slots for wide weapon icons

Default: 1 (use wide slots)

cg_landmineNotifyType [0|1|2]

Decide which landmine reveal notifications client/player wants to receive.

Server can send two types of landmines reveal notification. Standard one, generated (sent) for each landmine revealed and summary one,
which is sent after player spotting landmines stops using binoculars.
It's generated after each binculars zoom.

only standard notfications (for each landmine revealed).
only single summary notifications for one binocs zoom. New type of notification.
for example: during one binocs zoom, 3 mines were revealed, but only 1 summary notification is received. It contains information: 3 mines spotted by "player name" and last one was in location "some location"
don't receive any landmine notifications.

Default: 0 (only standard notifications)

cg_tdmShow [0|1]

Specify the way the Team Death Match (TDM) score is displayed.

The TDM score can be displayed in two ways. It can be displayed all the time or it can be displayed when the +tdmScore command is issued in the console or the bound key to that command is pressed.

show only when the bound key is pressed.
show TDM score all the time.

Default: 1 (show all the time)

cg_tdmTimeBar [0|1]

Specify if the Team Death Match (TDM) time progress bar is to be shown below the TDM score.

The TDM time progress bar is shown only when the Team Deatch Match has time limit specified.

don't show time progress bar.
show TDM time progress bar.

Default: 1

cg_locations [0|1|2]

Specify the way the map locations are displayed (in Fire Team display for example).

display only X,Y coordinates.
display only location name.
display X,Y coordinate and location name.

Default: 1

ui_theme [1|2]

This cvar allows to switch between silEnT themes.

silEnT themes is the UI feature that added new fresh feel to menus and some HUD elements.
silEnT mod has 2 themes available to choose from.

use the 1st theme to draw UI.
use the 2nd theme to draw UI.

Default: 2

cg_themedCMap [0|1]

Specify the way the command map should be drawn (themed one or the standard one).
Corresponds to ui_theme cvar. Depending on the theme specified by the ui_theme cvar the command map frame will be drawn differently.

don't use silEnT themes to draw command map frame.
draw command map with themed frame.

Default: 0

cg_themedDraws [0|1]

Specifies how draws (time, fps, timer, speedometer), K/D/S display and lagometer are drawn.
Corresponds to ui_theme cvar. Depending on the theme specified by the ui_theme cvar the elements mentioned above will be drawn differently.

don't use silEnT themes to draw draws, K/D/S and lagometer.
use silEnT themes to draw draws, K/D/S and lagometer.

Default: 1

ui_themedCursor [0|1]

Disables or enables themed mouse cursor.
Corresponds to ui_theme cvar. Depending on the theme specified by the ui_theme cvar the mouse cursor will be different.

don't use silEnT themes to draw mouse cursor.
draw themed mouse cursor.

Default: 1


m [partialname] [message]
Send private message to all players matching the partial name
mt [partialname] [message]
Send private message to all players on your team that match the partial name
used to load a custom hud from a .hud file contained in a pk3 file. Also able to "/loadhud ?" to show a list of available huds, "/loadhud blank" to load a blank hud, or "/loadhud" to load the default ET hud. When loading a hud, the default ET is loaded first, then the custom HUD overwrites any values specified. So if a HUD element isn't specifically disabled in a custom HUD, it will be in ET default position
Used to edit the hud in realtime. Can also be used to script a hud so that server admins don't have to package .hud files into pk3

format: /edithud elementName [value1] [value2] . . . . [valueX]

Current elementNames and (values) are as follows:

  • ammocount (x, y, scale)
  • chargebar (x, y, width)
  • compass (x, y, size)
  • upperright (y)
  • fireteam (x, y, width)
  • flagcov (x, y)
  • head (x, y, width, height)
  • healthbar (x, y, width)
  • healthtext (x, y, scale)
  • lagometer (x, y)
  • overheat (x, y, width, height)
  • skillbox1 (x, y, size)
  • skillbox2 (x, y, size)
  • skillbox3 (x, y, size)
  • skillpic1 (x, y, size)
  • skillpic2 (x, y, size)
  • skillpic3 (x, y, size)
  • skilltext1 (x, y, scale)
  • skilltext2 (x, y, scale)
  • skilltext3 (x, y, scale)
  • staminabar (x, y, width)
  • weaponcard (x, y, size)
  • xptext (x, y, scale)
  • cpmtext (x, y, scale)
  • chattext (x, y, scale)
  • votefttext (x, y)
  • livesleft (x, y)

All items except skilltextX are part of the original ET hud. skillTextX is a textual representation of the xp levels, i.e. 0, 1, 2, 3, 4. The skill[box,pic,text] elements correspond as follows, 1 = class specific skills, 2 = battle sense, 3 = light weapons

Default scale values, where used, is 25 in the default ET hud.

upperright represents the spawn counter/game timer, clock, FPS normally displayed on the right side of the screen.

(x,y) are based on a 640 x 480 scale, regardless of the actual screen resolution that ET is running. Therefore (0,0) is upper left, (640,480) is lower right and (320, 240) is crosshairs

To disable an element entirely, set the first value to -1. Currently votefttext CANNOT be disabled

Dumps the current hud settings to the console in format used to create a .hud file
Drops the player's primary weapon.
sclogin [password]
Logs the player into shoutcasting mode.
Removes the player's own shoutcaster status.
shoutcastlogin [password]
Logs the player into shoutcasting mode.
Removes the player's own shoutcaster status.
timerSet [1-60]
Sets enemy spawntimer (shown in red). You need to give the value for the timer. Not giving any value will disable the spawntimer.
Resets the enemy spawn timer to the value which was given when timerSet was called. This command will do nothing if timerSet hasn't been called before.
Shows information about the scripts currently loaded by the Lua API engine.
Shows information about the running client and server version.

Autoexec Files

The silEnT client now has the ability to automatically execute certain config (*.cfg) files upon certain events:

autoexec_allies.cfg, autoexec_axis.cfg, autoexec_spectator.cfg

Executed when you join a team (or become a spectator)

autoexec_<mapname>.cfg, autoexec_default.cfg

Executed when the map switches to <mapname>. autoexec_default.cfg is always executed after the autoexec_<mapname>.cfg file.

autoexec_soldier.cfg, autoexec_medic.cfg, autoexec_engineer.cfg, autoexec_fieldops.cfg, autoexec_covertops.cfg

Executed when you switch classes

Please note that if any of these files do not exist they simply will not be executed, there will not be any error messages

Also note that these filenames are casesensitive on linux