Changelog 2.1 RC1

N!tmod 2.1 RC1:

Menus bugs (unmute/mute & makereferee/unreferee)
XP and Ping positions were wrong on the scoreboard if the player was muted and another icon had to be displayed before the class icon and player name
Delay when switching to pliers
Ticket #6 : ALT stats broken in DeathMatch (Bug was server side, but visible on client only)
If cg_pingColors was set to 1, ping was displayed white for players with 201ms
No more "Out of stock" sten in limbo, don't display at all if it doesnt carry over to medics and fieldops
cg_noAmmoAutoSwitch was broken
Ammo Packs texture was wrong when reaching level 5 Signals (See Tickets #3 and #10)

Players randomly gibbed in DM
Last frag of the round announce should now be correct in DM
Crash when walking on <world>'s landmine
"duplicated guid" kick for players with "unknown" guid
No activity warning for shrubbot admins with the "inactivity" flag
rcon can now setlevel higher than 64
Warmup shuffle bug (moving spectators into teams)
Head hitbox when prone
Fixed: Bomb not thrown when leaning
"novote" and "incognito" flags had no effect
Ignore goombaflags for teammates in DM
Typos in shrubbot help strings
Typo in losing spree announces
Forcecvar conflicts if the cvar was forced 2 times with 2 different values

Tripmines (Engineer, weaponbank 7, see g_weapons)
Poison Gas Bombs (CovertOps, weaponbank 5, see g_weapons)
Poison Gas Mines (Engineer, weaponbank 7, see g_weapons)
Axis and Allied Tripimines beam have a different color (Red or Blue)
Shoutcasters can see Tripmines beam (free spec and following)
A lot of sounds were not cached. We are now caching them during map load
Started working on an experimental workaround/fix for the "MAX_GAMESTATE_CHARS" error
Construction and Destruction announces ("construction name" contrusted/destructed/damaged by "player name")
Flag 8 to cg_HUDFlags : Spree announces will be displayed on the middle left of the screen instead of top right corner

"Anti /team Spam" : Prevent server crashes/heavy load (see g_teamChangeDelay below)
g_teamChangeDelay cvar : Delay in millisecond before letting a player change team (they can move spec if they were Axis or Allies. Value of 0 disables the "Anti /team spam")
!delrecords shrubbot command : Erase records for the specified map (flag : "delrecords", usage : !delrecords mapname. Ex: !delrecords oasis)
Flag 128 g_weapons : MG42 can get HS
Flag 8192 to g_weapons : Enable poison gas canisters
Flag 16384 to g_weapons : Enable poison gas landmines
Flag 32768 to g_weapons : Enable Tripmines
Flag 32 to g_damageweapons : Tripmines can be damaged
Flag 64 to g_damageWeapons : Poison gas canisters can be damaged
Flag 32 to g_DMoptions : Disable Artillery Support during DM
Flag 64 to g_DMOptions : Disable health cabinets
Flag 128 to g_DMOptions : Disable Ammo cabinets
Flag 4 to g_TDMoptions : Disable Artillery Support during TDM
Flag 128 to g_friendlyFire 128 : Teammates don't activate Tripmines
team_maxTripmines cvar : Limit the number of tripmines that can be placed at the same time by each team
g_spectatorNames cvar : Display player names above their heads when spectator
g_misc bitmask cvar
Flag 1 to g_misc : Don't let teammates disarm dynamite near objective (only the dynamite owner can disarm it)
Flag 2 to g_misc : Don't give XP to the attacker if the victim has been AFK for 30+ seconds (Sort of Anti "Raters")
Flag 4 to g_misc : Level 4 battle sense players will see red/blue transparent landmines instead of white

Allow timerset and resettimer during warmup
Reset timer when map restarts
Removed cg_altHUD cvar (had no effect)
cg_altHUDFlags is now cg_HUDFlags

g_dropAmmo and g_dropHealth will now work in DM
Players can now join allies or axis team in Death Match (Used to be axis only)
  Increased max maps for gametype 6 from 32 to 64