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N!tmod 2.0 Documentation

This the documentation of N!tmod 2.0, for latest documentation visit: http://www.etmods.net.


Wolfesntein : Enemy Territory® Modification

Builds : Win32, Linux, MacOSX (client only, 2.60d)



N!tmod is a Wolfenstein : Enemy Territory® modification.

If you are reading this document, it certainly means that you want to install the mod on your server or learn more about it.

Thanks a lot for giving N!tmod a try.

The goal is to make a fun, actively developped, bug free and easy to use mod, to bring something new to the W:ET community.

In this document you will find everything you need to configure your N!tmod server properly, or informations about client side cvars that can be used to modify your gameplay.


Table of Contents

1. Mod Installation

Download N!tmod on http://www.nitmod.com

N!tmod final versions come with lua libs, extract the lua_libs.zip archive and place the correct files for your server (windows or linux) where your ETDED.exe or etded.x86 is located.

Unzip the downloaded file in the path where W:ET is installed.

Add +set fs_game nitmod in the command line you are using to start your server.

Exemple :

  1. Windows :

ETDED.exe +set fs_game nitmod +set dedicated 2 +exec server.cfg

  1. Linux :

etded.x86 +set fs_game nitmod +set dedicated 2 +exec server.cfg

Create or modify a server.cfg file to enable/disable/adjust N!tmod features.

You can also use the sample cfg named "nitmod.cfg" included in final packages.

N!tmod WILL NOT RUN ON UNPURE SERVERS !! set sv_pure "1"

2. Server Cvars

Here is a list of all the cvars you might need to add or modify in your server configuration in order to adjust settings and enable/disable various N!tmod features.

Cvars are listed below, followed by what we will call “arguments” (args).

There are different types of args. :

[boolean] : boolean, using ONLY one number as argument. Usually 0 or 1. 0 to disable, 1 to enable (Special cases will have a note)

[integer] : integer, using a numbered value as argument.

[string] : string, using words as argument.

[bitflag] : bitflag, using the sum of different args to enable/disable various values using the same cvar (a value of 0 = disabled).

g_antiWarp [boolean]

Enable/Disable AntiWarp.

1 : Enable

0 : Disable

Default: 1

g_autoTempBan [bitflag]

If set, clients kicked for the specified reasons will be tempbanned for "g_autoTempBanTime" seconds

1 : Tempban a player when reaching g_teamDamageRestriction value

2 : Tempban when using !kick command to kick a player. (A normal !kick kicks for 120 seconds)

Default: 0

g_autoTempBanTime [integer]

Auto Tempban duration

Default: 1800

g_censor [string]

List of the words that have to be censored in the chat.

Exemple : g_censor "noob, idiot, ass, gay"

Default: ""

g_censorNames [string]

List of the words that have to bo censored from player names.

Exemple : g_censor "noob, sex"

Default: ""

g_censorPenalty [bitflag]

Bitflag to set the penalty for a player saying a censored word (see g_censor)

1 : Gib the player

2 : Kick players with names containing words in g_censorNames

4 : Kill the player, but don't gib (flag 1 take precedence on this)

8 : Mute for g_censorMuteTime seconds.

16 : Lose 10 XP

32 : Burn

64 : Poison

Default: 0

g_censorMuteTime [integer]

If g_censorPenalty contains flag 8, the censored player will be automuted for g_censorMuteTime seconds

Default: 60

g_countryflags [boolean]

Enable/Disable country flags system. You need a valid GeoIP.dat in the nitmod path of your server.
This file can be downloaded from http://geolite.maxmind.com/download/geoip/database/GeoLiteCountry/GeoIP.dat.gz and needs to be unzipped in nitmod path.
In case of problems check your logfiles. The GeoIP code will log errors in etconsole.log with a "GeoIP" prefix.

1 : Enable

0 : Disable

Default: 0

g_inactivity [integer]

Time in seconds before moving an inactive player (not moving or firing, when he is not dead) to spectator (if higher than 0)
Inactive players, will recieve a warning message after half of the specified time. (See also
g_spectatorInactivity and g_inactivityOptions)

Default: 0

g_spectatorInactivity [integer]

Time in seconds before kicking a spectator for inactivity. If enabled, a warning message is sent to the inactive spectator after half of the specified time. (See also g_inactivity and g_inactivityOptions).

Default: 0

g_inactivityOptions [bitflag]

Various flags to set inactivity drop/move options. (See also g_spectatorInactivity and g_inactivity)

1 : Do not drop spectators if they are following a player

2 : Do not drop spectators as long as the server is not full (players with shrubbot flag 0 will never be dropped, full or not)

4 : Do not move players with shrubbot flag 0 to spectators after g_inactivity

Default: 0

g_spectator [bitflag] (removed in 2.0b7)

Bitflag for various spectator options.

1 : Players will glow (Axis: Red, Allies: Blue).

2 : Players will have their names shown above them (Similar to ETPro shoutcaster mode)

4 : Spectators can see landmines

8 : Spectators can see timers above dynamites

Default: 0

g_intermissionTime [integer]

Time in seconds before loading the next map after the end of a round.

Default: 60

g_intermissionReadyPercent [integer]

The percent of players (spectators aren't counted) who need to hit the "READY" button to load the next map without having to wait g_intermissionTime value.

Default: 100

g_logCrash [string]

Sets the name of the crash log file. Default is recommended.

Default: "crash.log"

g_mapScriptDirectory [string]

Changes directory for custom mapscripts. Similar to ETPro's "b_mapScriptsDirectory".

Default: ""

g_minHits [integer]

Minimum damaging hits required before calculating if player has reached g_teamDamageRestriction. Medics get -2 hits for every revive.

Default: 6

g_msgs [integer]

Duration in seconds between banner messages.

Note: If set to 0, banners will be disabled.

Default: 0

g_msgX [string]

If you want to enable banners on your server, you have to set them. Replace X by a number (g_msg1, g_msg2, g_msg3, etc...)

Ex.: set g_msg1 "Welcome to N!tmod"

set g_msg2 "Visit www.nitmod.com"

set g_msg3 "Report any bugs!"

The first missing
g_msgX cvar will start the message cycle over, back to the first message.

Note: You have to use set g_msgX "text" if you don't use set in front of the cvars, the banners will not work.

g_msgPos [integer]

Banners location (see g_msgs)

0 : Chat area

1 : Client console

2 : Top center of the screen

Default: 0

g_shrubbot [string]

Name of the shrubbot config file. When nothing is set, shrubbot features are disabled (You will find more info about shrubbot lower in this document)

Default: "shrubbot.cfg"

g_truePing [boolean]

Enable or disable displaying real ping instead calculated one.

1 : Enable

0 : Disable

Default: 0

g_shortcuts [boolean]

Toggles shortcuts that can be used in chat or binds for player names, current health, ammo, weapon and other useful info.

1 : Enable

0 : Disable

Default: 0

Shortcuts (client side):

[a] - Last person who gave you ammo

[d] - Last person who killed you

[h] - Last person who gave you health

[k] - Last person you killed

[l] - Your current location

[n] - Your name

[r] - Last person who revived you

[p] - Teammate you are pointing at

[s] - Your health

[w] - Weapon you are currently holding

[t] - Ammo for current weapon

g_teamDamageRestriction [integer]

If higher than 0, anybody that has this percentage of hits inflicted on a teammate will automatically be kicked.

A minimum of g_minhits hits total is required before this is calculated. Client can check their current stats by typing /damage in the console.

Note: Shrubbot flag "1" (Player cannot be vote-kicked, vote-muted, or complained against) overwrites this setting.

Default: 0

ip_max_clients [integer]

Limit the number of connections from the same IP. Protects your server from flood attacks such as q3fill. (Sometimes people can flood your server to keep it full and prevent anyone from connecting on it. This cvar prevents such things to happen)

Default: 3

omnibot_enable [boolean]

Enables Omni-Bots if they are installed on the server (You will find more info about Omnibot lower in this document).

1 : Enable

0 : Disable

Default: 0

omnibot_flags [bitflag]

Various flags affecting the behaviour of bots. (You will find more info about Omnibot lower in this document).

1 : Disable XPSave for bots

2 : Bots cannot mount tanks

4 : Bots cannot mount emplaced guns

8 : Don't count bots (this affects the value of the cvar 'omnibot_playing' which contains the number of bots playing or -1 if this flag is set)

16 : Bots will target ungibbed enemies

32 : Bots will trigger team and spotted mines

64 : Bots can use g_shove

Default: 0

omnibot_path [string]

Absolute path to your Omni-bot installation. (You will find more info about Omnibot lower in this document).

Default: ""

g_adrenClasses [value]

Bitflag cvar to allow adren to carry-over in specific classes.

Note: With this cvar, it is now possible to disabled adrenaline for medics. (Aren't they already overpowered enough ?)

1 : Soldier

2 : Medic

4 : Engineer

8 : Field Ops

16 : CovertOps

Default: 2

g_noCharge [boolean]

Unlimited Charge bar

1 : Enable

0 : Disable

Default: 0

g_noReload [boolean]

Unlimited Ammo (No need to reload)

1 : Enable

0 : Disable

Default: 0

g_instantSpawn [boolean]

Instant respawn when enabled

1 : Enable

0 : Disable

Default: 0

g_pickAnyWeapon [boolean]

Players can pick any weapons, regardless of their class.

1 : Enable

0 : Disable

Default: 0

g_rockets [bitflag]

Bitflag to modify Panzerfaust rockets behavior.

1 : Guided Panzer rockets

2 : Homing Panzer rockets (follow nearby enemies)

Default: 0

g_adrenaline [bitflag]

Bitflag to modify adrenaline behaviour (See also g_adrenClasses)

1 : Players don’t spawn with adrenaline

2 : Ammo packs don’t contain adrenaline syringes

4 : Players spawn with only 1 adrenaline syringe

Note: Flag 4 takes precedence on flag 1.

Default: 0

g_doublejump [integer]

Toggle DoubleJump

0 : Disable

1 : Enable (Jaymod style)

2 : Enable (NoQuarter style)

Default: 0

g_poison [integer]

Enable or disable Poison syringes for level 4 light weapons.

0 : Disable poison

1 : Enable and can only be cured by medic syringes

2 : Enable and can be cured by health cabinets, medpacks dropped by other medics and medic syringes.

Default: 0

g_medics [bitflag]

Bitflag to modify Medic class behaviour.

1: Medics can’t pick up their own med packs at all

2 : Medics can't get akimbos

4 : Medics can't carry or pickup a SMG

8 : Medics can heal teammates with their revive syringes.

16 : Level 5 First Aid skill will allow players to regenerate HP in all classes (will not work for medic class if the flag 32 is set)

32 : Medics don't regenerate HP at all

64 : Medics regenerate normal HP at 2HP/second and extra HP at 1HP/second

128 : Medics regenerate normal HP at 1HP/second and don't renegerate extra HP at all

Default: 0

g_XPSave [bitflag]

Bitflag to set XPSave behaviour.

0 : Disable XP saving

1 : Store XP when a client disconnects

2 : Don't reset XP to the pre-map start values on a map restart, shuffle, etc..

4 : Never ever reset XP (unless !resetxp or !resetmyxp is used)

8 : Force the disconnection of clients with the same GUID as a connecting client. This is useful in saving the stored XP of players with unreliable network connections since they should still get their stored XP even if reconnecting immediately with a new IP address

Default: 15

g_XPSaveDirectory [string]

Absolute path to a new directory that will contain .xp files. XPSave will not work if not set.

Directory must be created before starting your server.

Test with a /rcon writexp command to confirm you have set this CVAR properly.

Default: “”

g_XPSaveMaxAge [integer]

The number of seconds that must pass without connection from a player before automatically delete his saved XP.

Default: 86400 (1 day)

g_XPDecay [bitflag]

Decays players' XP on the server when set to 1.

1 : Enable XP Decay

2 : Do not decay a player's XP when they are disconnected from the server.

4 : Do not decay a player's XP for the class they are currently playing as.

8 : Do not decay a player's XP while they are spectating

16 : Do not decay a player's XP during warmup/intermission

32 : Do not decay a player's XP when he/she is playing on a team.

64 : Do not decay a player's Battle Sense XP when he/she is playing.

128 : Do not decay a player's Light Weapons XP when he/she is playing.

Default: 0

g_XPDecayFloor [integer]

Minimum floor that any skill XP can be reduced to by g_XPDecay.

Default: 0

g_XPDecayRate [integer]

Rate, in skill points per second, that XP skill points, for each skill, will decay when g_XPDecay is enabled. Setting this to 0.2 would result in a player losing 12 points per minute IN ALL SKILLS, so up to 84XP per minute if the player has skill points for each skill.

Default: 0

g_maxXP [integer]

Max XP that a player can reach, once its reached is, the player XP is reseted to 0.

Set to -1 to disable.

Default: -1

g_realHead [boolean]

Head hitbox will follow the player animation, just like ETPro. This is HIGHLY recommended.

0 : Disable

1 : Enable

Default: 1

g_realBody [boolean]

Reworked in 1.4, old code had bugs.

Enable or disable N!tmod realistic body hitbox. If enabled, the body hitbox will be smaller, normal body hitbox is really big compared to the player, that can result in getting a bodyshot on a player that you are not aiming at.

These hitboxes have been integrated to give server admins the possibility to use a fun mod with “competition” hitboxes. If you use these hitboxes, you should notify it to your server players, it's gonna be slightly harder to hit players and they might complain about that.

0 : Disable

1 : Enable

Default: 0

vote_limit [integer]

Limits number of votes that can be called per map and player.

Default: 3

vote_percent [integer]

Minimum of players having to vote yes, for a vote to pass

Default: 66

Here is a list of vote cvars, followed by their default value. (Cvars type : boolean) :

vote_allow_antilag 1

vote_allow_balancedteams 1

vote_allow_comp 1

vote_allow_friendlyfire 1

vote_allow_gametype 1

vote_allow_kick 1

vote_allow_map 1

vote_allow_maprestart 1

vote_allow_matchreset 1

vote_allow_mutespecs 1

vote_allow_muting 1

vote_allow_nextcampaign 1

vote_allow_nextmap 1

vote_allow_poll 1

vote_allow_pub 1

vote_allow_referee 0

vote_allow_restartcampaign 1

vote_allow_shuffleteamsxp 1

vote_allow_shuffleteamsxp_norestart 1

vote_allow_surrender 1

vote_allow_swapteams 1

vote_allow_timelimit 0

vote_allow_warmupdamage 1

vote_allow_swapteamsrestart 1

Weapons restrictions per team, followed by their default values (Cvars type : boolean). Set to -1 to disable restrictions :.

team_maxPanzers -1

team_maxMortars -1

team_maxRifleGrenades -1

team_maxMG42 -1

team_maxFlamers -1

team_maxLandmines 10

team_panzerRestriction [integer]

The percent of connected players needed to enable Panzerfaust.

If set to 10 on a 20 player slot server up to 2 players can use panzer.

Default: 0

team_artyTime [integer]

The time (in seconds) that must elapse between artillery strikes per team.

Default: 10

team_airstrikeTime [integer]

The time (in seconds) that must elapse between airstrikes strikes per team.

Default: 10

g_goomba [integer]

Ammount of damage inflicted when jumping or landing on a player. (see also g_goombaFlags)

Default: 10

g_goombaFlags [bitflag]

Bitflag to modify Goomba behaviour.

1 : goomba can only damage enemies

2 : Hopping on a player doesn’t do damage

4 : Hopping on a teammate doesn’t do damage

8 : Goomba doesn't do any damage to the falling player

16 : Instagib goomba damage

Default: 25

g_teamChangeKills [boolean]

Changing team adds a death to the player stats.

0 : Disable

1 : Enable

Default: 1

g_friendlyFire [bitflag]

Bitflag to modify friendly fire options.

1 : Enable friendly fire

2 : Friendly fire does only half damage to teammates

4 : Friendly fire does an equal amount of damage to the inflictor

8 : Friendly fires affects movers (tanks, trucks, etc)

16 : Friendly fire delivers knockback (ex.: make a teammate fly with a grenade)

32 : Landmines cannot be tripped by teammates

64 : Landmines hurt teammates (even if friendly fire is disabled)

Default: 1

g_noAttackInvul [boolean]

If set to 1, removes the spawn shield on a player if he starts attacking before g_spawnInvul seconds.

0 : Disable

1 : Enable

Default: 0

g_weaponItems [bitflag]

0 : Drop no weapons upon limbo death

1 : Drop primary weapon upon limbo death (default ET)

2 : Drop Binoculars if player has them

4 : Extra clips are included when you pickup a dropped weapon

8 : Pick up ammo you need from dropped weapons, but leave the gun and what ammo is left on the ground

16 : Do not pickup dropped weapons that are empty, or if you have full ammo for that particular weapon

Default: 1

g_missileHealth [integer]

Sets the amount of health a panzer missile has. (Set to 0 to make missiles indestructible)

Default: 5

g_missileSpeed [integer]

Sets the speed a panzer/bazooka missile travels at. (Set to 0 to enable default speed) Values over 300 are ignored if Guided Rockets are enabled.

Default: 0

g_missileGravity [boolean]

Sets gravity on Panzer and Bazooka rockets.

1 : Strong gravity

2 : Weak gravity (realistic)

Default: 0

g_announcer [bitflag]

Bitflag to enable/disable various announces.

0 : Disable announcer

1 : Announce killing sprees

2 : Announce death sprees

4 : Announce multikills

8 : Announce first blood

16 : Announce first headshot

32 : Announce killing sprees end

64 : Announce death sprees end

Default: 127

g_flushItems [boolean]

Allows dropped items to lay flush with the angle of the ground they are on.

Default: 1

g_fieldOps [bitflag]

Various flags to set different options for fieldOps

1 : Field Ops do not spawn with binoculars if they have level 0 Battle Sense

2 : "Too many airstrikes requested/Insufficient fire support" will restore used charge bar

4 : "Too many airstrikes requested/Insufficient fire support" will restore half of used charge bar

Default: 0

g_maxLevelBattleSense [integer]

g_maxLevelLightWeapons [integer]

g_maxLevelSoldier [integer]

g_maxLevelMedic [integer]

g_maxLevelEngineer [integer]

g_maxLevelFieldOp [integer]

g_maxLevelCovertOp [integer]

Cvars to cap the max level a player can gain in a skill. As you know it, N!tmod has 5 levels in each skill. If you don't like them,

set all these to 5 and you'll never gain a skill above 4. Set them all to 0 to disable skills all together.

Note : Level 0 is also counted as a level, so if you want to cap a level to level 5, you have to set g_maxLevel**skill** to 6.

Default: 6

g_multikillTime [integer]

The time, in milliseconds, that a player has to make another kill to be counted as a multikill.

Default: 2000

g_mortarBBox [boolean]

Puts a bounding box (hitbox) around mortar shells, to prevent them from going through small windows and other narrow gaps.

Default: 0

g_weaponScriptsDir [string]

Defines the directory where weapon scripts will be placed to edit weapons behavior.

Default: ""

g_throwDistance [integer]

Sets the distance a ammo or health pack is thrown.

Default: 75

g_dragCorpse [boolean]

Enable/disable corpse dragging.

Default: 0

g_slashkill [bitflag]

Bitflag to modify /kill behavior.

1 : Player spawns with half charge bar after /kill.

2 : Player spawns with 0 charge bar after /kill.

4 : Restores the charge bar to the same state it was in at the moment the player issued /kill

8 : Disables /kill.

16 : Disables /kill when player is poisoned.

32 : While in limbo after a /kill, charge bar fills normally.

64 : Disables /kill while in a fight.

Default: 0

g_spawnInvul [integer]

Sets the duration (in seconds) a player will be invulnerable after respawning.

Default: 3

g_dropAmmo [integer]

Sets the amount of ammo packs a Field Ops drops when killed.

Default: 0

g_dropHealth [integer]

Sets the amount of med packs a Medic drops when killed.

Default: 0

g_skills [bitflag]

Allows players awards to carry over in other classes.

1 - Flak Jacket carries over

2 - Enemy recognition carries over

4 - Assassin backstab bonus carries over

8 - Landmine spotting ability carries over

Default: 0

g_canisterKick [integer]

Sets the scale of kicking grenades, airstike cans, and smoke cans.

Set to 0 to disable. Value of around 60 - 120 is reasonable.

Default: 0

g_canisterKickOwner [boolean]

If enabled, ownership of a grenade or airstrike changes to the last kicker. (Only effective it g_canisterKick is set to a positive value)

Default: 0

g_classChange [boolean]

Toggles class stealing. (Standing over a dead teammate and pressing F(activate) to steal his class).

Default: 0

g_constructibleXPsharing [boolean]

Building objectives gives XP to all engineers building

an objective while you build it, rather than all at once when it is done. This is

done to avoid that one engineer that spends a long time building something and then

another engineer walks up and finishes it off gaining the XP for it.

Default: 0

g_asblock [bitflag]

Airstrike blocking

1 - Make an announcement whenever an airstrike is blocked.

2 - A player may easily block an airstrike by crouching, standing, or proning over the enemy's canister to block the airstrike.

4 - Lvl 3 FieldOPs and higher cannot have the airstrikes blocked by players.

Default: 0

g_fear [integer]

Credit given to a player when and opponent uses /kill within g_fear milliseconds.

Set to 0 to disable.

Default: 2000

g_playdead [boolean]

Toggle playing dead with /playdead

Default: 0

g_ammoCabinetTime [integer]

Time, in milliseconds, it takes for ammo packs to be recharged in ammo cabinets

Default: 60000

g_healthCabinetTime [integer]

Time, in milliseconds, it takes for health packs to be recharged in health cabinets

Default: 10000

g_logAdmin [string]

Name of the file where admin commands attempts will be logged

Default: “”

g_privateMessages [boolean]

Enable/Disable private messages on the server.

Default: 1

g_headshot [bitflag]

Enable/Disable headshot mode. (Using bitflags since 1.1)

1 : Only headshots do damage

2 : Headshots gib players.

Default: 0

g_damageweapons [bitflag]

Enable or disable the possibility for players to damage some weapons

1 : Grenades can be damaged

2 : Satchel chages can be damaged

4 : Airstike markers can be damaged

8 : Smoke canisters can be damaged

16 : Bombs can be damaged

Default: 0

g_TDMScore [integer]

If Team Death Match (g_gametype 7, since N!tmod 1.0 RC2, 1st team that reach g_TDMScore value wins, objective doesnt end map, if timelimit is reached the team with the highest score wins) is enabled, this will define the score that has to be reached by a team to win the round.

Default: 500

g_drawAttackerHP [integer]

If enabled, a text showing their killer's remaining HP on the center of their screen.

Default: 0

g_gametype [integer]

Sets the gametype that will be played on your server.

2 : Objective

3 : Stopwatch

4 : Campaign

5 : Last Man Standing

6 : Map voting (Thanks to ETPub Team)

7 : Team Death Match

8 : Death Match - Free For All

g_dbDirectory [string]

Full path to the folder where you want to save the map records database. Map records will be disabled if this cvar is not set.

Default: “”

lua_modules [string]

Names of the .lua scripts you want to run on the server, delimited by a space (these have to be placed in the nitmod folder of your server)

Exemple (if we want to use the pmspec.lua and the advshuffle.lua scripts): set lua_modules "pmspec.lua advshuffle.lua"

Default: “”

forcecvar [cvar] [value]

Command used to force clients cvars to a specific value

Exemple : forcecvar cl_maxpackets 100

sv_cvar [cvar] [mode] [value1] [value2]

Command used to restrict client cvars values.

Available modes :

  1. EQ or EQUAL

  2. G or GREATER


  4. L or LOWER


  6. IN or INSIDE




Exemple : sv_cvar cg_fov IN 90 120 (will restrict client cg_fov values. Values under 90 and above 120 will be ignored)


Command used to empty the sv_cvars in memory.

g_mapConfigs [string]

g_mapConfigs allows you to execute a custom config file for each map : when set, it specifies the folder where your map config files are. The config file for a map has to be named the same as the map with the extension .cfg, for instance oasis.cfg. You should also create a default.cfg file which will be read before the map-specific config files.

Default: ""

g_revenge [boolean]

If enabled, a text saying "Revenge!" will be displayed on players screen if they kill the last player that killed them.

Default: 0

g_weapons [bitflag]

Bitflags to enable multiple options for weapons

1 : Knife can get headshots

2 : Throwing knife can get headshots

4 : Enable Bomb for level 5 engineers (removed g_bomb cvar)

8 : Increase landmines damage for level 5 engies (Damage * 1.5)

16 : Allow bombs to damage trucks, tanks, etc...

32 : Disable overheating for Sten

64 : Disable overheating for Mobile MG42

!!! 128 : REMOVED IN 2.0 !!!

256 : Allow players to fire while leaning (1st person weapon view will be different when leaning if this option is enabled on the server)

512 : Allow Medics and Engineers to use Sten (Will be displayed as "Out of stock" in limbo if disabled)

1024 : Enable fast shooting for MP40, Thompson and Sten (similar to Jaymod g_wolfrof 1, delay between rounds lowered from 150ms to 110ms)

2048 : Throwing knives will poison

4096 : Fire underwater (except flamers, panzers, rifle grenades, mortars and MG42)

Default: 128

g_missileCams [bitflag]

Bitflags to enable missile cameras (Clients can disable cameras with cg_drawCam 0)

1 : Enable Panzer Cam

2 : Enable Mortar Cam

4 : Enable Rifle Grenade Cam

0 : Disable all the above cams

Default: 0

g_war [integer]

Bitflags to enable some war modes (replacing g_panzerwar and g_sniperwar since 1.4)

1 : Enable Panzer War

2 : Enable Sniper War

4 : Enable RifleGrenade War

0 : Disable all the war modes.

Note: The value of this cvar will be modified when using !panzerwar and !sniperwar commands.

Default: 0

g_autoQuitDelay [integer]

Delay in minutes before sending "quit" command to the server. Will wait for the server to be empty. Usefull for servers running in a loop and having long uptimes.
So they can be restarted without any intervention from an admin.

Set to 0 to disable.

Default: 0

g_allowNoGUID [boolean]

Accept connections from players that have no guid (i.e.: cl_guid = "unknown" OR cl_guid = "NO_GUID")

If you don't want to allow players with empty guids, set this cvar to 0.

Note: Other GUID checks willl still be performed (and can't be disabled). Also, the "NO_GUID" problem can happen to a lot of players if evenbalance auth server is down.

Default: 1

g_mapVoteFlags [bitflag]

Bitflags to set various options for Map Voting gametype. Only valid when Map Voting gametype (g_gametype 6) is enabled.

1 : Changes the tie breaker so that the map not played in the longest wins

2 : Intermission doesn't end until g_intermissionReadyPercent people have voted. If there are no players connected to the server, intermission will end at the timeout. (WARNING: This means that if there are spectators connected and not voting, the next map will not load until those spectators either vote, disconnect, or get kicked by the system).

4 : Multi vote: Allows everybody to vote for 3 maps instead of one, first choice map gets 3 votes, second choice gets 2, third choice gets one.

8 : Don't randomize the maps, so they will always appear in the same order.

16 : A passed nextmap vote (when g_gametype is 6) will start the intermission and lets players vote which map should be played next. NOTE: this makes one of the two teams be displayed as winner.

Default: 0

g_maxMapsVotedFor [integer]

How many maps are presented to users for voting upon during intermission. Only valid when Map Voting gametype (g_gametype 6) is enabled.

Default: 6

g_minMapAge [integer]

How long a map is ineligible for voting, after it is played. Only valid when Map Voting gametype (g_gametype 6) is enabled.

Default: 3

g_resetXPMapCount [integer]

How many maps occur before XP is reset. If g_XPSave flag 4 is set, g_resetXPMapCount is ignored.

Similarly, if g_resetXPMapCount is set to 0, it is the same as setting g_XPSave flag 4. Only valid when Map Voting gametype (g_gametype 6) is enabled.

Default: 0

g_excludedMaps [string]

Used to exclude map that would otherwise be listed in the map voting list. The format is ":map1:map2:map3:", where mapX is the .bsp name. Note that each mapname must be fully surrounded by ":" otherwise the map will not be excluded. Only valid when Map Voting gametype (g_gametype 6) is enabled.

Default: ""

g_dualSMG [integer]

Allow players to carry a 2nd SMG (mp40 or Thompson). This option does NOT work for CovertOps AND Soldiers.

0 : Disable

1 : Enable (Medics, Field Ops and Engineers will spawn with 2 SMG)

Default: 0

g_dropObj [integer]

Sets the number of times a player is allowed to drop an objective (using the new "dropobj" command) per life. Each player will be allowed to drop the objective for g_dropObj + 1 times.

Set to 0 to disable.

Default: 0

g_secureShrubPassword [string]

If set, "Secure Shrubbot Login" will be enabled.

When this feature is enabled, some important shrubbot commands will require admins to be logged in using the "/sslogin" client command.

We introduced this feature because of problems related to GUID spoofing.

For example : If someone spoofs the GUID of a high level admin, he could be able to modify a LOT of things with commands such as !leveledit (and the new commands that will be added in the future to manage admins and levels without manually editing your shrubbot file). With this feature enabled, high level admins will need to know the password and use "/sslogin" to use important commands.

We also added "/sslogout" client command.

Note : If set to "none" or "" (empty), "Secure Shrubbot Login" will be disabled and important commands will be available without logging in.

Default : "none"

g_DJHeight [value]

Used to control how high players will be able to double jump

Default : "1.4"

g_GUIDChecks [boolean]

Check if clients GUID appears to be valid when they connect. If not, server will reject the connection.

1 : Enable

0 : Disable

Default : 1

g_IPChecks [boolean]

Check if clients IP appears to be valid when they connect. If not, server will reject the connection.

1 : Enable

0 : Disable

Default : 1

shoutcastPassword [string]

If set, Shoutcaster status will be available.

When this feature is enabled, players will be able to log in using the "/sclogin" client command (They will need the password in order to login).

Once you become a shoutcaster, you will be able to see (when spectator) :

  1. Landmines

  2. Players names

  3. Timers above dynamites

  4. Revive sprites above dead players

Your shoutcaster status will be visible to other players in the scoreboard ("SHOUTCASTER" will be displayed instead of "SPECTATOR")

If you join a team, your shoutcaster status will have no effet, it only works when you're in the Spectator team.

In order to revoke your shoutcaster status, use the "/sslogout" client command.

If set, shoutcaster status can be granted with the rcon commands : "makeshoutcaster" and "makesc".

Shoutcaster status can also be revoked through rcon with commands : "removeshoutcaster" and "removesc".

Note : If set to "none" or "" (empty), Shoutcaster status will be unavailable.

Default : "none"

g_TDMOptions [bitflag]

Bitflags to control some options specific to Team Death Match gametype.

1 : If set, 1 point will be added to team score per kill. Other XP points will be given to the players but will not be added to the team score. Don't forget to review g_TDMObjBonus and g_TDMScore values if you are using this option.

2 : Disable selfkill (/kill) during TDM

Default : 0

g_TDMObjBonus [integer]

If set, this is the number of Bonus Points that will be given to a team if the final objective is completed.

Default : 100

g_DMOptions [bitflag]

Bitflags to control some options specific to Death Match gametype.

1 : Gives (max) 20Hp when killing someone

2 : HP Regenerates (at normal rate) for every classes

4 : Disable selfkill (/kill) during TDM

8 : Shoutcaster status will be granted to clients when they connect

16 : Enable "Call Of Duty" like "Martyrdom". clients drop a grenade when they get killed. The grenade timer is set to 2.5 seconds

Default : 0

g_DMFragLimit [integer]

Set the Frag Limit during Death Match gametype (g_gametype 8). Once a player reaches this number of frags, he wins the round.

Default : 25

3. Omnibot Support

N!tmod 2.0 supports Omni-Bot 0.8 and 0.81 (fixed version available on omnibot svn, see their website).

Older versions of N!tmod support Omni-Bot 0.71.

To install omnibot on your N!tmod server, download it from omni-bot website : www.omni-bot.com

Extract the content of the archive and copy omni-bot to your desired path.

Set omnibot_enable to 1 in your server config file.

Set omnibot_path to the absolute path to your omni-bot folder in your server config file.
(ex. : set omnibot_path /home/nitrox/etserver/omni-bot/ )

Start your server and test if Omnibot is installed correctly with /rcon «password» bot addbot.

If no bot connects, make sure that you have set the 2 cvars above to the correct values and verify your server logs.

For more informations or support, visit http://omni-bot.com/wiki

You can also visit www.nitmod.com and post your questions in the support part of our forum.

4. Shrubbot

Here is a list of shrubbot flags, followed by commands they give access to, and their description.

Exemple :




Note : You can use !help command in game to get more specific help about a command.



Displays local time



Reloads the shrubbot config file and refreshes user flags



Sets the admin level of a player



Kick a player with an optional reason



Ban a player by IP and GUID with an optional expiration time (seconds) and reason



Unbans a player specified ban number as seen in !showbans



Move a player to a specified team



Pauses the game for all players



Unpauses the game



Display a list of connected players, their slot numbers and their admin levels



Mutes a player



Unmutes a muted player



Display a (partial) list of active bans



Display commands a list of your available commands



Instagib yourself (Funny alternative to /kill)



Display your current admin level



Cancels the current vote



Passes the curent vote



Moves players with unreliable connections (aka 999) players to spectator



Shuffle the teams to try and even them



Warns a player by with the specified reason



Play the map's news or another map's news if specified



Lock one or all of the teams (to prevent players from joining them)



Unlock one or all locked teams



Restarts the current map



Resets the current match



Resets your own XP



Loads the next map



Swap teams WITHOUT restarting the current map



Swap teams AND restart the current map



Revives a player (self if none specified)



Enable/disable panzerwar (see also g_war)



Enable/disable sniperwar (see also g_war)



Gives information about a specific player



Displays server uptime



Displays informations on N!tmod build



Renames a player



Insantly gibs a player



insantly gibs every player



Give a player a specified amount of damage with an optional reason



Burns a player taking some of his health



Drop grenades around specified player (or every player if none is specified)



Show sparks around a player or all players



Pops the helmets of a player or all players



Flings a player in a random direction



Throws a player forward



Launch a player vertically



Flips a player's view



Unflips a disoriented player's view



Resets a player's XP



Poisons a player



Removes a player's pants!



Makes player(s) glow



Freeze one or every player



Unfreeze one or every player



Makes a player blind (Console and HUD still visible)



Unblind a player



Gives a player a disguise



Spawns an ammo pack out of the player



Spawns a health pack out of the player



Gives something to a player (health, ammo, weapon, skills, charge, all)



Show map spree and map frag records (if g_dbdirectory is set on the server)



ETPub like !stats commands. Shows players stats for MP40 and Thompson



Command to edit levels (add/delete command/flags/greeting/greeting sounds) or show informations about a specific level (use !help leveledit for more informations)



Display a list of the levels and their names.



Display informations on the specified level



Instantly move to spec and start following the specified player



List all the users present in the shrubbot



Display info about a specific player (Using his UserID found with !userlist command)



Edit a player's commands, level, greeting or greeting sound, even when he is offline.



Display approximative time (either seconds, minutes, days, months or years) elapsed since a player was on the server.

Here is a list of shrubbot flags, followed by their description.

immunity : Cannot be vote kicked, vote muted, high team damage ratio, or be complained against

nocensorflood : Cannot be censored or flood protected

silentcmds : Can use silent commands ( /!command in the console)

specchat : Can see team and fireteam chat when spectator

balanceimmunity : Can switch teams any time, regardless of balance

noreason : Does not need to specify a reason for a kick/ban

novotelimit : Can call a vote at any time (regardless of a vote being disabled or voting limitations)

permban : Does not need to specify a duration for a ban (PermBan)

teamcmds : Can run commands from team and fireteam chat

inactivity : Inactivity rules do not apply to them (see g_inactivity, g_spectatorInactivity and g_inactivityOptions)

shrubbotimmunity : Shrubbot commands cannot be used on them (This must be given explicitly, * does not include it)

pmspec : Can see private messages when spectator

incognito : Does not show up as an admin in !listplayers (This must be given explicitly, * does not include it)

novote : Not allowed to call votes

adminchat : Can use the AdminChat (> 2.0b5)

all : Wildcard for all the above flags (except incognito and novote)

Following content will explain you how to create/modify levels and admins.


This is what a level entry looks like in the shrubbot config


level = 1

name = ^1R^7egular ^1P^7layer

flags = help listplayers admintest gibme showbans resetmyxp about

greeting = Welcome [n] to our server!

greeting_sound = sound/greetings/regular.wav

This means that a player with level 1 will have access to the following commands : !help, !listplayers, !admintest, !gibme, !showbans, !resetmyxp, !about.

The [n] in the greeting line will be replaced by the player name.

He will also get a greeting text and a greeting sound when he will join the server.

Still it’s possible to give more commands to a player without changing his level, see below.


This is what an admin entry looks like in the shrubbot config (since 2.0)


name = ^wN^q!^wtrox^p*


ip =

level = 5

flags = all

greeting = Welcome [n]

greeting_sound = sound/nit/mk5.wav


timestamp = 2010-08-23 20:44:18

This means N!trox* is a level 5 admin with all the shrubbot flags (except "incognito" and "novote", because the "all" flag doesn’t give them)

He will also get a greeting text and a greeting sound when he will join the server.

His GUID, IP and MAC Address will be used in case an admin decides to ban him. The mod will check these 3 informations when a client connects and if a ban entrie matches, the connection will be rejected.

The timestamp is used in !userinfo and !seen commands. !userinfo will display the date and time he was on. !seen will display the time elapsed since he was connected.


This is what a custom command entry looks like in the shrubbot config

Custom shrubbot commands are available The command to execute accepts up to 9 arguments, using [1] to [9]. This requires g_shortcuts to be set to 1. Each level that should get the command must be specified.


command = command

exec = command to execute

desc = description of the command (used for !help command)

levels = 0 1 2 3

Exemple for 2 commands, used to modify the maximum and minimum number of bots on the server.


command = minbots

exec = bot minbots [1]

desc = Sets the minimum number of bots on the server

levels = 6 7


command = maxbots

exec = bot maxbots [1]

desc = Sets the maximum number of bots on the server

levels = 6 7

This means that levels 6 and 7 admins will be allowed to use !maxbots and !minbots, these commands (the exec part) will be executed directly through rcon (remote console).

/!\ Shrubbot system limits :

Maximum custom commands : 64

Maximum custom command length : 17 characters

Maximum shrubbot levels : 64

Maximum shrubbot admins : 32768

Maximum shrubbot bans : 1024

5. Team Death Match Gametype

Since the first N!tmod public release, Team Death Match gametype is available.

In Team Death Match, the goal is to reach the score defined by the server admin.

This score is usually displayed in the top center of the screen, below team scores.

If you have set cg_TDMScorePos client cvar to 1, the score will not be displayed on your screen.

You can still find it by typing /tdminfo in your console.

/tdminfo will display a few informations about how Team Death Match gametype works.

Since 2.0, we have reworked TDM to make it even better.

We have added the g_TDMObjBonus cvar to let you choose how many bonus points will be given to a team if they complete the final map objective.

If g_TDMObjBonus is set to 0, no bonus points will be given.

We have also added the g_TDMOptions cvar that allows you to change a few things in TDM gametype.

TDM Gametype doesn't require any special maps, mapscripts or configs.

To run Team Death Match gametype on your server, just set g_gametype to 7 and adjust g_TDMScore, g_TDMOptions and g_TDMObjBonus cvars.

6. Death Match Gametype

Since N!tmod 2.0, we have added a new gametype into the mod. This gametype has been added to bring something new into ET. Nowadays, a lot of games offer the Death Match (Free For All) gametype.

That's why we decided to introduce it into ET aswell.

In Death Match, the objective is to kill as many players as possible. Everybody is your enemy, so don't hesitate to shoot anyone as soon as you see them.

We are using special mapscripts for this gametype. In order to run Death Match, you have to make sure the *_dm.script mapscript exists for this map.

DM Mapscripts can be found in N!tmod pk3, and also on http://www.nitmod.com/downloads/dm_scripts.

We have also added a "DeathMatch Mapscripts Request" to our forums to let you request DM mapscripts for maps that aren't compatible yet.

In N!tmod 2.0 Final, these maps are available for Death Match :




















More maps will be compatible in further releases.

f you want to create your own mapscripts, you will have to create several "team_ctf_greenspawn" with the "create" mapscript action.

Also, don't forget to remove everything that has to be dynamited, like walls, gates etc..

During DeathMatch, lots of entities are removed by the mod:




Ammo cabinets

Health cabinets

constructible markers (sometimes they are still visible but u can walk through)

Also during DM :

Fireteams are disabled

Only spectators can follow players

Players are sent to limbo when they die

Medics dont get medpacks/syringes

FieldOps don't get ammopacks/airstrike canisters

Engineers don't get dynamites/pliers

CovertOps don't get satchel/smoke bombs

Scoreboard is modified

Radar won't show any players

Timelimit is ignored

g_dropHealth is ignored

g_dropAmmo is ignored

Spawns cant be used during 10 seconds after the last time they have been used

Bots will consider everybody as an enemy

g_teamDamageRestriction is ignored

crosshair health and name drawing are disabled

Don't forget to take a loot at g_DMOptions cvar in order to customize Death Match the way you want

The first player that get the ammount of kills defined in g_DMFragLimit cvar will win the round.

To run Death Match on your server, simply set g_gametype to 8, and make sure the mapscripts are available for the maps in your cycle.

7. Changelog



  1. Added : Omnibot 0.8 Support.

  2. Added : Alternative HUD (cg_altHUD & cg_altHUDFlags).

  3. Fixed bugs with fireteam menus.

  4. Optimized fireteam related code (client & server side).

  5. Reworked fireteam overlay.

  6. Added cg_locationMaxChars to limit location lenght in fireteams.

  7. Charge usage fixes (now based on the player's class charge instead of the class "supposed" to use the specific weapon).

  8. Picking up binoculars wont dropWeapon anymore.

  9. Fixed : forcecvar could cause client crashes after a few maps.

  10. Fixed : it was possible to bypass forcecvar by changing values in the menus.

  11. Many code optimizations.


  1. Fixed : team_maxRifleGrenades had no effect in 1.5.

  2. Fixed : K43/Garand models were wierd if the player had no Grenade launcher because of team_maxRifleGrenades.

  3. Increased max number of shrubbot levels to 64 (was 32).

  4. Fixed : Respawn time wasn't drawn in TDM if timelimit was over.

  5. Added : Server and client version will be printed in clients console when they connect. A warning message will be printed if server is improperly installed.

  6. Added : g_DJHeight, to control double jump height.

  7. Fixed : Prediction errors near players. Player collisions will probably be less "jumpy" now.

  8. Modified : flag 64 of g_medics - Medics will regenerate normal HP at 2HP/secons and extra at 1HP/second.

  9. Added : flag 128 to g_medics - Medics will regenerate normal HP at 1HP/second and won't regenerate extra HP at all.

  10. Fixed : Players will now be able to prone closer to boxes, walls etc... (more ETPro'ish).

  11. Modified : Now using ETPro like hitboxes.


  1. New : Whole new method to send messages from server to clients, thus server bandwidth usage will be reduced.


  1. Modified : If g_dualSMG is enabled, only Medics, Enginners and FieldOps will be allowed to spawn with a secondary SMG..

  2. Fixed : Game trackers such as SplatterLadder were not displaying the good info. "P" string was corrupted.

  3. Removed : flag '2' for g_dualSMG..

  4. Fixed : Soldiers were not able to fire weapons that use charge.

  5. Modified : New scoreboard.

  6. Added : An icon will be displayed near muted players on the scoreboard.

  7. Fixed : Stamina was recharging way too fast.

  8. Slightly reduced configstrings size.

BETA 5 :

  1. Fixed : MacOSX crash introduced in BETA2 (Special thanks to Robynhub and JamesPlock for performing the tests).

  2. Fixed : Clients were not parsing skill levels correctly.

  3. Modified : Allow negative sprees in HUD Stats.

  4. Fixed : forcecvar wasn't working correctly since beta3 or beta4.

  5. New : Started adding new gametype : Death Match - Free For All (Not fully implemented yet).

  6. Added : "team_ctf_greenspawn" for "create" mapscript action (Gametype 8 only).

  7. Fixed : Spectators were able to /kill.

  8. Fixed & Reworked : Centerprint "1" when arming,disarming,constructing... Now uses less bandwidth.

  9. Fixed : Scoreboard -- "CONNECTING" "SPECTATOR" XP and Ping were not always at the right place.

  10. New : AdminChat, players with the "adminchat" shrubbot flag will be able to use adminchat using the /ma command.

  11. Added : "adminchat" shrubbot flag.

  12. Added : cg_TDMScorePos (client side - 0 : top center / 1 : left, near lagometer etc...).

  13. Added : g_TDMScore value will be displayed under team scores if cg_TDMScorePos (client side) = 0.

  14. Lagometer position isn't static anymore. Just like FPS, Ping, Time etc...

  15. Fixed : !leveledit [remove] and !useredit [revoke] were broken and had no effect.

  16. Added : /tdminfo client command. Will print g_TDMScore value and explain TDM rules.

BETA 6 :

  1. Fixed : some shrubbot flags had no effect or were ignored in !useredit and !leveledit.

  2. Reduced some configstrings size.

  3. Reduced bandwidth usage when server sends sounds to all the clients.

  4. Fixed : random server crash on Win32 servers.

  5. Reworked two map end awards.

  6. Fixed : Don't print /m X Y in chat if the command is typed in chat box.

  7. Added : g_IPChecks and g_GUIDChecks cvars to enable/disable IP and GUID validity checks when a client connects.

  8. GUID checks adapted (due to the recent "NO_GUID" problem caused by PB Auth server being down).

  9. Fixed : ClientUserinfoChanged was sometimes called too many times.

BETA 7 :

  1. Added : Shoutcaster support (Shoutcasters will see player names, dynamite timers, landmines, revive sprites, and speclock will have no effect on them).

  2. Added : sclogin client command.

  3. Added : sclogout client command.

  4. Added : shoutcastpassword server cvar.

  5. Removed : g_spectator server cvar (due to new shoutcaster feature).

  6. Fixed : map frag records date was wrong (was printing map spree record date).

  7. Fixed : missing dynamite icon in popups (since 2.0b6).

  8. Fixed : some global sounds were not played on the correct channel.

  9. Added : Objective announces - Popups will announce who planted/defused/stole/returned/captured objective.

BETA 8 :

  1. Fixed : Dead (or Playing dead) players were able to capture flags (when flying after being killed by a grenade for exemple).

  2. Fixed : Playing dead clients were able to escort tanks/trucks.

  3. Fixed : Spotting a lot of landmines was causing a big voice spam.

  4. Added : flag 4096 to g_weapons . Allow firing underwater (except Panzer, Flamer, Mortar, Mounted MG42 and Rifle Grenades).

  5. Added : New scoreboard for DeathMatch GT.

  6. Modified : Players will always spawn as Axis during DeathMatch.

  7. Added : Shrubbot timestamp.

  8. Added : !seen command.

  9. Modified : !userinfo will display the player's timestamp.

  10. Added : g_DMFragLimit cvar.

  11. Added : If a level 5 CovertOps gets a scoped headshot, the target will be sent to limbo (not reviveable).

  12. Made some security fixes in the shrubbot code.


  1. Added : "makeshoutcaster" and "makesc" server commands

  2. Added : "removeshoutcaster" and "removesc" server commands

  3. Fixed : rcon !showbans crash

  4. Added : Client checks to verify N!tmod integrity (Clients will be disconnected if test fails)

  5. Added : Server checks to verify N!tmod integrity and installation validity. (Server will shutdown if test fails, reason will be written in logs)

  6. Fixed : Level 3 battle sense will not spawn with 85HP anymore during DM

  7. Fixed : MOD_FALLING deaths were not added to the client's death counter

  8. Added : DeathMatch mapscripts for : Adlernest, Frostbite and Braundorf_b4

  9. Removed : MP5 weapon. It was exactly the same weapon as MP40 or Thompson. Also, it was NOT more accurate neither making more damage, as many players thought.

  10. Removed : Flag 16 for g_medics and flag 128 for g_weapons will have no effect (because of MP5 removal)

  11. Modified : Spree announces now use less bandwidth when sent to clients

  12. New : N!tmod style spree announces. Not using top center banners anymore. Use less bandwidth.

  13. Added : Killing/Losing Sprees will be logged in client console

  14. Fixed : Crosshair health wasn't always drawn when following a player

  15. Added : If a class in unavailable, a red cross will be drawn on the class buton in the limbo menu

  16. Modified : Using a different and lighter method to send Map End Stats.

  17. Fixed : Clients were sometimes receiving another client's stats in Map End Stats

  18. Fixed : HUD Stats were sometimes invalid

  19. Added : g_TDMOptions cvar

  20. Added : g_TDMOptions 1 : Kill based rather than XP based

  21. Added : g_TDMOptions 2 : Disable selfkill during TDM

  22. Added : g_DMOptions cvar

  23. Added : g_TDMObjBonus cvar : Bonus points given when objective is completed in Team Death Match

  24. Added : g_DMOptions 1 : Gives (max) 20Hp when killing someone

  25. Added : g_DMOptions 2 : HP Regenerates for every classes

  26. Added : g_DMOptions 4 : Disable selfkill during DM

  27. Added : g_DMOptions 8 : Shoutcaster status granted to every client when they connect

  28. Added : g_DMOptions 16 : COD4 Like Martyrdom, clients drop a grenade when they get killed. The grenade timer is set to 2.5 seconds

  29. Modified : Reduced the size of a few server commands

  30. Modified : Saved a few characters in clients userinfo

  31. Modified : No timelimit warnings during TDM or DM

  32. Fixed : Clients were able to pass rcon commands through custom shrubbot commands (if the command was using arguments)

  33. Cleanup : Removed a few unused fuctions and many unused vars

  34. Modified : No mounted MG42 during Death Match

  35. Fixed : Round Timer will not be drawn if gametype is Team Death Match or Death Match

  36. Fixed : Player's head (3rd person model) could move when playing dead

  37. Fixed : Sort players by Kills instead of XP in the scoreboard during Death Match

  38. Added : Flag 16 to g_medics : Level 5 First Aid skill allows players to regenerate HP in all classes (will not work for medic class if the flag 32 is set).

  39. Fixed : Reinforcement time wasn't drawn in TDM or DM

  40. Modified : Even more Configstrings size reduction

  41. Fixed : AdminChat and Private Messages now allow up to 250 characters

  42. Fixed : Multikills/Spree announces were sometimes displaying the followed player's name

  43. Fixed : !help command output was broken if too many commands were available

  44. Added : Flag 32 to g_announcer : Killing Sprees End anounces

  45. Added : Flag 64 to g_announcer : Death Sprees End anounces


  1. Fixed : Prediction errors near constructibles

  2. Fixed : !listplayers was not working correctly

  3. Fixed : pmove_fixed was causing bugs on client side

  4. Fixed : CovertOps were not able to use scoped weapons if g_dualSMG was enabled on the server

  5. Fixed : "fakebrush" (ETPro mapscripts support) now works correctly


  1. Better Antilag code

  2. Prediction fixes/optimizations

  3. Added !userlist command

  4. Added !userinfo command

  5. Added !useredit command

  6. Added !levinfo command

  7. New !listplayers

  8. Hardware ban (Based on player's MAC Address)

  9. Added !banguid command

  10. Added !spec command

  11. Improved !finger (now gives more informations on the specified player)

  12. Fixed !leveledit bugs

  13. Reworked !nade

  14. Added [charge] argument to !give : fill the player's charge bar

  15. Added "Secure Shrubbot Login" (see g_secureShrubPassword)

  16. Removed connection logs (not needed with the new shrubbot)

  17. Removed cg_rtcwShake

  18. Fixed : Explosives damage and splashdamage were bugged

  19. Fixed mp5 icon (was blurred with r_picmip > 1)

  20. Fixed "Lean&Fire". It was sometimes impossible to see enemies leaning and firing

  21. Only SMG, pistols, hand grenades & knives allowed with "Lean&Fire"

  22. Added flag "512" to g_weapons : Enable Sten for medics and FieldOps

  23. Added flag "1024" to g_weapons : Enable fast shooting for MP40, Thompson and Sten

  24. Added flag "2048" to g_weapons : Enable poisoned throwing knives

  25. Added flag "32" to g_medics : Medics don't regenerate HP at all

  26. Added flag "64" to g_medics : Medics receive 30 HP when reviving a team mate

  27. Added g_dualSMG : Players will spawn with 2 SMG (adjusted for soldiers)

  28. Added g_dropObj : Players will be able to drop objectives

  29. Added flag "4" to g_spectator : Spectators can see landmines

  30. Added flag "8" to g_spectator : Spectators can see timers above dynamites

  31. Added flag "4" to g_war : Enable Rifle Grenades war (No shrubbot command added for this feature yet)

  32. Cvars restrictions ignored when playing a demo (Ex: if the demo was recorded on a server forcing r_shownormals to 0, it was impossible to set it to 1 while playing a demo)

  33. ETPro mapscripts support : "delete"

  34. Short shrubbot commands now work in uppercase (Ex: !LI !HEL !SETL...)

  35. Fixed : Dynamite icon was missing on some maps when spectator

  36. Fixed : Don't allow alt weapon if the player is dead (for exemple cvops silenced pistols)

  37. Fixed : Play grenade ticks when scoreboard is shown or cg_draw2D = 0

  38. Fixed : Remove landmines from map if g_landminetimeout 1 and the landmine owner disconnects

  39. Fixed : Show landmine hint if landmine spotting carries over

  40. Fixed : Dead players were "zombies" because of "!give health"

  41. Fixed : g_xpsave 4 = NEVER reset XP (even if g_XPMaxAge is reached)

  42. Fixed a bug with g_adrenaline


  1. Added g_weapons cvar

  2. Removed g_bomb and g_mp5 cvars (moved to g_weapons)

  3. HUD has been reworked.

  4. New scoreboard (showing Kills and Deaths for every players)

  5. HUD Stats now display Deaths aswell

  6. Now possible to disable Sten and MG42 overheat with a cvar (will overheat by default, see g_weapons)

  7. New MP5 Model

  8. Added g_war bitflag cvar

  9. g_panzerwar and g_sniperwar cvars removed (moved to g_war)

  10. Added g_missileCams cvar

  11. g_panzerCam, g_mortarCam and g_rnadeCam cvars removed (moved to g_missileCams)

  12. Possibility to increase landmines damage for level 5 engies (Damage*1.5, see g_weapons)

  13. Possibility to damage trucks, tanks, etc. with the bomb (see g_weapons)

  14. Possibility to fire while leaning (see g_weapons)

  15. Valid GUID and IP verifications when a client connects (connection will be rejected if the client fail the verification)

  16. "Live" teamscores displayed if TDM gametype is enabled (updated as soon as a player dies)

Fixed a "bug" with the vote menu (showing one of the votes button even if it was disabled)

  1. Modified g_poison cvar options : 0 : Disable, 1 : Enable (and can only be cured by medic syringes), 2 : Poison can be cured by health cabinets, medpacks dropped by other medics and medic syringes

  2. New callvote exploit fix (discovered it a few weeks ago and never heard of it before so I assume it's a bug that hasnt been reported/discovered before).

  3. Bullet code optimizations.

  4. HUD stats are now saved during the whole map (they used to get reset when changing team)

  5. Fixed some problems with hitboxes

  6. Reworked g_realBody (the old code wasn't really good)

  7. Code cleanup and few optimizations (again and again...)

  8. Added : g_revenge : Displays "REVENGE!" if you kill the last player that killed you.

  9. Connection logs : a log containing IP GUID and name of each player that connects (can be disabled, see g_logConnections)

Added g_autoQuitDelay : sends "quit" command to the server after X minutes of uptime if the server is empty (can be useful for servers running in a loop and having long uptimes)

  1. Fixed poison syringe sound bug


  1. Removed Venom weapon

  2. Reactivated canister kicking (by pressing the activate key, usually bound to F)

  3. Bots can use all their classes available primary weapons (including MP5 if the weapon script is added on the bots weapons folder)

  4. Fixed a bug with heavy weapons limitations and bots

  5. Added Map spree records and Map frags records (see g_dbdirectory)

  6. Code optimizations

  7. Fixed 1.1 bugs

  8. Resized and moved some HUD texts.

  9. Reactivated body gibs

  10. Added !records shrubbot commands to display map spree records when not in intermission

  11. Poison maxammo bugfix (introduced in 20100126 nightly)

  12. Removed g_logOptions cvar (some of these can be useful and if server admins don't set the cvar they cant get useful information out of their logs)

  13. Documentation fixes (Thanks to .:|bAd|:.bLINk for reporting all the documenation mistakes)

  14. Major bugfix : Players profiles (ETfolder/nitmod/profiles/X/etconfig.cfg) was erased everytime they connected on a server.

  15. cg_noAmmoAutoSwitch fixed

  16. Fixed old bug where player was going through some doors/movers.

  17. Fixed weaponpickup bugs

  18. Fixed Limbo blackbox / wrong weapon bugs

  19. Helmet rank icons fixed

  20. Fixed /class bug (saying "*Weapon* is disabled" )

  21. Don't !pants dead (or wounded) players

  22. Menus fixes

  23. Players now get adrenaline as soon as they reach level4 medic if it carries over (ex.: if you !give X skills and X = soldier, he doesnt need to respawn to have it)

  24. Some minor code fixes.

  25. Fixed forcecvar exploit (/quit and then reconnect to avoid cvars being forced)

  26. sv_cvar was not working, now it does

  27. Added !leveledit command (to modify levels without manually ediding the shrubbot file)

  28. Added !levlist command to list all available levels and their names

  29. New shrubbot system, the shrubbot file will now use command names instead of flags (see shrubbot section above)

  30. Added "pmspec" shrubbot flag, people with this flag will be able to see private messages when they're spectator

  31. "specchat" shrubbot flag will now allow players to see fireteam chats when spectator.

  32. Fixed a bug with team_max*weapon*

  33. g_sniperWar and g_panzerWar aren't set to 0 when intermission starts, it will not be good for admins that want to run a sniper server.

  34. Removed g_poisonExtraClips.


  1. Removed poison overlay

  2. Removed kick weapon

  3. Added "on screen" stats

  4. Modified hitsounds code (no hitsounds on dead players, adjusted for disguised enemies)

  5. Removed cg_drawKillingSpree (kills and spree counter near timer, fps, speedometer, etc...)

  6. Modified/Fixed limbo menu (5 stars roller for skills levels, green class button when lvl5 for this class)

  7. Added Tank browning icon (was missing)

  8. Fixed custom vsays (wasn't working on 1.0)

  9. Added new awards : Most revives, Most Heals, Panzernoob, Highest damage

  10. Removed Darwin award

  11. Added uniform icon on scoreboard for disguised players

  12. Fixed uniform sprites above players (they were visible through walls)

  13. Removed g_weapons cvar (some flags had no effect)

  14. Added g_fieldOps cvar (no lvl1 binocs, Too many airstrikes restore half/full. See documentation)

  15. Modified an icon in the HUD (helmet)

Reworked inactivity and spectator inactivity (ETPub like)

  1. Modified g_medics (Added MP5 restriction, removed some options, see documentation)

  2. Added gaoesa's sidearm smg fix.

  3. Added cg_drawStats to enable / disable "on screen" stats.

  4. Removed cg_drawSmallPopupIcons. People shouldn't use big popup icons, takes a lot of space on the screen.

  5. Intermission stats

  6. Added Last Frag

  7. Shrubbot bugfix

  8. g_headshot is now using bitflags values.

  9. added ETPub like !stats command

  10. Forcecvar reworked, now works perfectly.

  11. sv_cvar reworked, but still gets reseted on mapchange.

  12. Code cleanup (lot of useless code removed)

  13. Added cg_numPopups to customize the number of popups that can be displayed (maximum : 8)

  14. Added Valid GUID check on clientConnect. If the client's GUID is invalid (bad lenght/invalid chars), connection will be rejected.

  15. Max skills levels bugfix.

  16. Added cg_drawCam 0|1 to disable/enable missile camera on client side.

Fixed /rcon !showbans server crash bug


  1. New HUD

  2. Fixed a bug with cg_noAmmoAutoSwitch

  3. Added shrubbot commands shortcuts (You can now type !list (for !listplayers), !he for !help), etc...)

  4. Added Top center banners

  5. Fixed goat sounds, now played for victim and attacker

  6. Fixed : It is now possible to walk through poeple playing dead

  7. Removed flakjacket during !sniperwar and !panzerwar

  8. Reworked teamkill obituaries ("Teamkiller" sound can be disabled with cg_tkSounds 0)

  9. Reworked Sprees/Multikills notification (Now displayed on top center of the screen)

  10. Added ETPro like /timerset client command

  11. Changed g_enableVenom for g_venom

  12. Added g_mp5 server cvar

  13. Added g_bomb server cvar

  14. Increased grenade damage (hand grenades or rifle grenades, they were too weak against flakjacket + adrenline)

  15. Reworked scoreboard, can now display 32 players per team if a server is full (64 players is the maximum allowed)

  16. Fix : FieldOps and Medics don't drop packs on death if !panzerwar or !sniperwar are enabled

  17. Reworked MP5 model (still it is better to use it with cg_fov 90, higher values results in a wierd weapon aspect)

  18. Added MP5 muzzleflash (1st and 3rd person)

  19. Added shrubbot greetings

  20. Added an option for g_headshot. If set to 2 (!! This cvar is not a bitflag !!), only headshots do damage, and if a player gets hit in the head, he's instagibbed.

  21. Modified !swap (now only swaps the teams without a restart)

  22. Added !swap_restart (to swap teams and restart the match, see the line above)

  23. Disabled class stealing during panzerwars

  24. Added swapteamsrestart vote.

  25. Removed custom silenced luger fire sound

  26. Rework of the "Bomb" : Same behavior as grenades (Explodes in 4 seconds). Fixed issue where it could be divided in 2 bombs.

  27. Fixed bug where it could cause damage twice

  28. Modified !splata !splat !gibme !panzerwar and !sniperwar (Now gib even if the player has Spawn invulnerability)

  29. Removed loosing spree sounds

  30. Added new body hitboxes, not as large as before, more realistic. (can be enabled/disabled with g_realbody server cvar).

  31. Added Rifle grenade camera, controlled by g_rnadecam server cvar.

  32. Added Panzerwar (Players spawn with a panzerfaust, 40 grenades, and a knife. Unlimited ammo and charge, no flakjacket, half panzerfaust damage. Better panzerfaust handling when enabled. Can be enabled with !panzerwar shrubbot command or g_panzerwar server cvar)

  33. Added Sniperwar (Players spawn with a Sniper rifle, lot of ammo, 40 grenades, and a knife. No flackjacket. Scoped headshots = instant kill. Reduced recoil while in scoped view. Can reload whine in scoped mode. Can be enabled with !sniperwar shrubbot command or g_sniperwar server cvar)

  34. Added !gibme shrubbot command, funny alternative to /kill, instagib the player that uses it.

  35. Added !about shrubbot commands, prints informations about the mod version running on the server.

  36. Added !blind and !unblind shrubbot commands. If used on a player, his screen gets blacked out (same behavior as /speclock)

  37. Added the "Bomb", a new grenade (that looks like a dynamite) for level 5+ engineers. More damage, larger splash radius, doesn't damage vehicles, ONLY players (The damage caused by this weapon is really high so it would be too easy to damage movers with it)

  38. Added g_adrenclasses server cvar to control adrenaline carrying over (See cvars documentation)

  39. Fixed Adrenaline CarryOver charge time, used to be based on g_medicChargeTime, now specific to the player charge time.

  40. Added g_rockets cvar to modify panzerfaust rockets behavior (See cvars documentation)

  41. Level 5 covert ops can reload without leaving scoped view

  42. Added vulnerable explosives (g_damageweapons)

  43. Added Team Death Match gametype

  44. Added ETPub Map Voting gametype

  45. PK3 Cleanup

  46. Code Cleanup

  47. Code optimizations

  48. Useless cvars removal

  49. New hitsounds code

  50. LUA support

  51. Moveable chat window (cg_chatPosY, cg_chatPosY)

  52. Scaleable chat font size (cg_chatFontSize)

8. Thanks and Credits

Project leader & Developper




Developper (< 1.5)

Special thanks to:

=F|A= community for supporting us with the mod.

XenoN & Titef for hosting the old website, and test servers (1st dev phase).


NoQuarter and ETPub team.

The whole ET community for reporting bugs, finding new ideas, etc...

We hope you will like the mod and its features.

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