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Important Notes For Upgrading etpub 0.9.x to 1.0.x

1) Because Even Balance no longer supports Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory and ETpub's Shrubbot and
   XPSave system depends on PunkBuster's guid, we decided to make both systems possible without a
   running PunkBuster server. All you have to do is to install the latest (> 20100628) ETpub
   client on your server.

   The client guid is fully compatible to PunkBuster and will be generated by an existing etkey
   file. If the etkey file does not exist it will be automatically downloaded from etkey.org. No
   stored XP or shrubbot permissions will be lost.

2) With this version the g_mode server cvar was completely removed. To unlock weapons for certain
   classes use g_unlockWeapons instead. All other options of g_mode have been moved to g_misc.

3) The behavior of hitsound handling has changed. Without installed client the hitsounds are handled
   by the server configured by g_hitsound_* server cvars. With installed client (recommended) the
   hitsounds are handled by the client. All g_hitsound_* server cvars are become useless.

   If you choose to use the client you have the opportunity to override the default sounds with your
   own custom pk3. Create a zip archive with following file structure and rename it to pk3 (same as
   for other mods like ETPro or No Quarter):


   Note: NEVER replace the default sound files within the client pk3!

4) The Lua API has changed to version 5.2. All features marked as deprecated in Lua 5.1 have
   been removed in Lua 5.2. You may find incompatibilities while moving your Lua scripts from
   ETpub 0.9.1 to ETpub 1.0.0. Read the corresponding manuals to adjust your Lua scripts.

      Lua 5.1 Incompatibilities: http://www.lua.org/manual/5.1/manual.html#7
      Lua 5.2 Incompatibilities: http://www.lua.org/manual/5.2/manual.html#8