Utility ETpk3Stats

This tool allows to create campaigns for Wolfenstein:Enemy-Territory, for it needs the pk3's containing all the maps.

It does extract infos like timelimit, command map, descriptions and it also tries to find out which team has to attack, which is unfortunately not always working correctly.

I am not anymore working on this tool at all, as I am working on something better which can more and is easier to use. And especially which ain't limited to .net.

Last update, 22. April 2008

Updated etpk3stats, mostly bugs fixed. And add a new feature which is not complete yet. I released the update for the evil bugs, not for the new stuff..


  • very probably Windows 95 or newer
  • .net Framework 2.0
  • a command line tool which can convert from tga to jpg (IrfanView)


etpk3stats_v1beta6.zip ( ~5mb)


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