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These maps are not from me, I only have modified or added content, to fix or modify maps.

Credits goes to the authors who made them! Thanks for these great maps!

Suddendeath fixes (timelimit, map overtime..)

More scripts and info can be found

Other fixes

1944 Antwerp (Beta 3)
The original has many bugs, which I hope are all fixed (thx to Lynxx).

map(link) - fix(pk3)

Millenium Falcon (Final 2)
The map has a missing texture in the 2 gliders, this file fixes it.

map(link) - fix(pk3)

Marrakech Streets 2 (Final)
Some rooftops are blocked, to fix a unfair advantage.

map(link) - fix(zip)

MLB Daybreak (Final)
Fixes a bug with the roof teleporter.

map(link) - fix(zip) - codes(pdf)

Operation Resurrection (Final)
Fixed version of the map, the original contains buggy shader script, which can corrupt other maps and itself. And a Skinpack changing Axis to Zombies, only in this map. 

Sands of Time (Beta 2)
A fix for a place where a player can see through a wall, and gain a unfair advantage.

Transmitter (Final)
A mapscript which opens a normally always closed tunnel.

MLB Egypt (Final) 
Fixed a bug in the script (thx to Lynxx), which needed a change in the bsp. The bug is: When the cannon is fired, also the backgate gets blown and allies can't defend the objective. So Axis can Spawn near the rear entry, and get it.

Airfield Assault (First playable)
Adds a new spawnarea with a mapscript in the sewers, so that allies have more ways to attack.

Industry 2 (Final)
Fixed a spot where a player could use a unfair advantage. (The other spots fixed firstly have been removed, as it made strange errors in noquarter).

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