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bobToolz plugin

Bundled from Splashdamage Forums- special SD radiant buttons
Thanks to sock and digibob and the ones who asked.

drop entity
Select the terrain, then enable tree planting mode, select the entity you want to drop in the 3d view, and then hit the drop button. 

plot spline 
is a lovely tool for checking the "info_train_spline_main" entities are correctly setup. The editor will draw a spline path in the 2d/3d window showing what path the entity will take if following the spline path. Everytime you update the entities you need to press the button again and move around in either 2d/3d window for an update to the line. once the line is drawn it will not be removed until you close/open the editor again.

Camera Inspector
is a throw back to the RTCW camera system and not used in ET anymore. Was going to be used on the SP element of the game.

tree planter
Edit the tree planting config file to choose which tree it shall plant.
c:\Program Files\GtkRadiant\plugins\bt\tp_ent.txt