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notes for ET

command map

Fast way to create a command map, is to load the map in ET with devmap, 

/developers 1
/cg_fov 10
/g_speed 1000

speed is your movespeed, cg_fov 1 would make it perfect as a map, but probably the map will be to big.

Now move out .. very far, and watch straight down. Then take a screenshot, first clear hud and all,

/cg_draw2d 0
/cg_crosshairsize 0
/bind n screenshot

take the screenshot


Now close ET, and fit the screenshot into the tracemap...

force a entity to be visible.. good for etpro mapscripting

This seems to be useless for mapscripting, at least I couldn't make an existing model of the map to be visible; I suppose has to be set at compile time.
/*QUAKED misc_vis_dummy (1 .5 0) (-8 -8 -8) (8 8 8) 
If this entity is "visible" (in player's PVS) then it's target is forced to be active whether it is in the player's PVS or not. 
This entity itself is never visible or transmitted to clients. 
For safety, you should have each dummy only point at one entity (however, it's okay to have many dummies pointing at one entity) 

find origins of entities with etpro

Load etpro, load the map with devmap, or force somehow sv_cheats to be enabled.

Use /debugmap or /mapdebug to enable/disable debug mode. You can then shoot at any surface, and the game will tell its origin and more infos.

debug fakemodels with etpro

b_debugfakebmodels 1

thats all, and you will see the AABB of the fakemodel.